Speak at a Planning and Consultation Committee meeting

The person wishing the address the Planning and Consultation Committee must have lodged their written request no later than the cut-off date given.

For general agenda items, where Council has not engaged in a consultation process, requests must be received by 5.00pm the day prior to the meeting.

Requests can be made by:

  • Completing one of the two online options below; or
  • Phoning the Governance team on 9433 3718 or 9433 3271

Each speaker is allowed three minutes to speak to an agenda item.

A person may speak on behalf of another person or organisation for three minutes. Please note the nominated person will be unable to answer questions from Councillors on your behalf. No person may speak on behalf of more than one other person or organisation.

Please note, you will be recorded as part of the meeting proceedings when addressing the Planning and Consultation Committee, and your name will be printed in the minutes. The video recording of the meeting will be published on YouTube and Council's website.

A person can choose to present their submission by:
  • Option 1: attaching or sending a typed three-minute submission. The Chairperson will read your submission on your behalf before the item is considered. Submissions should be lodged before 5pm Monday prior to the meeting
  • Option 2: address the committee in person. In accordance with COVID-19 requirements all submitters will be required to follow social distancing requirements to ensure COVID-19 obligations are met.*

* The Planning and Consultation Committee meeting on Tuesday 8 June will be held virtually. Any person wishing to address the committee in person will be provided with a Zoom link on the day of the meeting. You will be required to have an email address to receive the meeting link and internet access to join the virtual meeting. Any questions can be directed to the Governance team 9433 3718.

Please complete an online form by clicking on the applicable option below.

Option 1: send a typed submission to be read aloud on your behalf

Option 2: address the Committee in person

Please note: If your submission is successful, you will receive confirmation of your submission via email. If this does not occur, please contact the Governance team on 9433 3718 or 9433 3271.