Report an unsightly property

Nillumbik General Local Law 1 Clause 37 requires property owners and occupiers to maintain their properties throughout the year.

The owner or occupier of the land must make sure that the property:

  • does not become unsightly,
  • does not constitute a danger to health or property, and
  • is not a haven for noxious weeds or pest animals.

An unsightly property can be described as having any of the following:

  • unconstrained or excessive rubbish
  • disused excavation, machinery, vehicles or waste material
  • accumulated items
  • excessive vegetation, including grass or weeds exceeding 200mm in height
  • graffiti which is visible to the public

If you become aware of a property that is unsightly, you can report it to Council and we will investigate.

How to report


Step 1.Make a note of the address

To submit the online report, you will need to provide the address (street number, street name and suburb) of the property.

Step 2.Submit the online form

Report an unsightly property >


Step 1.Make a note of the address

You will need to provide the address (street number, street name and suburb) of the property.

Step 2.Call us

Call 03 9433 3111 during business hours

Monday to Friday
8.30am to 5.00pm

Closed public holidays

What happens next?

A Community Safety Officer will investigate the report and may carry out an inspection of the property.

If the officer believes that it does constitute an unsightly property, contact will be made with the property owner, and a request to resolve the issue will be made.

If contact is not made, a Notice to Comply may be issued to the property owner, directing certain works be completed by a specific date.

If the works are not completed by that date or alternative arrangements have not been made with the officer, a contractor may be enlisted to complete the work on behalf of Council. Once the work is completed to the satisfaction of Council an invoice will be sent to the property owner for payment of these works.