Speak at a Planning and Consultation Committee meeting

Any person wishing the address the Planning and Consultation Committee must have lodged their written request no later than 5pm the day prior to the meeting.

COVID update - With the recent changes to the Government's COVIDSafe Settings, members of the public should note that Council will revert meeting conduct to pre-Covid arrangements. A person is required to be present in the gallery to read their submission, or in accordance with the Governance Rule - Meeting Procedure may have a person in attendance to read a submission on their behalf.

For general agenda items, where Council has not engaged in a consultation process, requests must be received by 5pm the day prior to the meeting.

Requests can be made by:


A person may speak on behalf of another person or organisation for three minutes. Please note any person nominated to speak on your behalf will be unable to answer questions from Councillors on your behalf. No person may speak on behalf of more than one other person or organisation.

Each registered speaker will be given three minutes to speak to an agenda item.

Please note, you will be recorded as part of the meeting proceedings when addressing the Planning and Consultation Committee, and your name will be printed in the minutes. The video recording of the meeting will be published on YouTube and Council's website.

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Address the Committee in person