We’re helping you get recycling right

Published on 27 March 2024

A tub of recyclable items being tipped into a bin

Do you place recyclable items into the bin loose, not in a plastic bag? And do you make sure there is no food, e-waste or clothing mixed in with your recycling? Thanks for recycling right.

We know it’s not always easy to know which bin to use – we are here to provide information about recycling in partnership with Sustainability Victoria.

Mayor Ben Ramcharan said the ‘Small Acts Make a Big Impact’ campaign aims to improve the quality of the Shire’s recycling. 

“Nillumbik has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to managing waste – our separate bin for food and garden organics was introduced more than 20 years ago, while other areas are only introducing this service now,” Cr Ramcharan said. 

“We know that people in our Shire want to do the right thing, and we’re here to help clarify how recycling works, what can go in your recycling bin, and why it’s so important to get it right,” he said. 

Recycling bins are only for loose recyclable household items: paper and cardboard; hard plastic bottles and containers; glass jars and bottles; cans and tins; foil (scrunched in a ball), and empty aerosols.

Other items – including recycling placed in a plastic bag instead of loose in the bin – result in contamination, which makes it difficult to sort recycling into quality materials to make new products, and can cause recycling to end up in landfill.

To help understand recycling and explain how we can reduce contamination, we have lots of useful information on our website and currently have educational signs around the Shire (including on roadsides, at train stations and outside shops).

We also have cameras in our waste trucks and staff checking bins to provide households with feedback about their recycling contents.

You may receive a tag on your recycling bin or a letter to thank you for using your bin correctly, or to let you know there are incorrect items in your bin. 

The small acts we each do every day make a big impact and contribute to improving recycling in Nillumbik. 

Recycle right, every time 

Not sure which bin to use? No problem – we are here to help. To quickly check which bin to place an item into, visit nillumbik.vic.gov.au/recycling-guide or call us during business hours on 9433 3111 and we can assist.