The building permit process

If you have already confirmed that you need a building permit, you can proceed to apply for a building permit using our online application form.

Understanding the building permit process

A building permit is written approval from a registered building surveyor, such as Nillumbik Building Surveyors, certifying that your plans meet minimum standards and comply with the Building Regulations.

A building permit is not a planning permit. They are controlled by different laws and regulations. You may need to get both a planning permit and a building permit. If your project does require a planning permit, you must have the planning permit before a building permit can be issued.

Find out more about the difference between planning permits and building permits.

A building permit is required before the commencement of building works, which includes construction of new buildings and demolition and/or alteration of existing buildings.

We have made a simple guide to step you through the process of submitting your building permit application to Council for assessment.

The building permit process - an overview

Building permit process overview

Step 1.Check if you need a building permit

Before preparing your building permit application, we recommend reading our 'Do I need a building permit?' information, and consulting with an expert such as an architect or draftsperson for building design advice. Nillumbik Building Surveyors are available to provide technical advice.

Step 2.Check if other permits are required

Depending on your circumstances, you may require other permits or consents such as:

You can apply for these at the same time as applying for a building permit, but the building permit application can only be processed after the planning permit and report and consent are approved.

If your building works relate to a business, see Setting up a business for more information about business permits.

Step 3.Prepare your application

View the permit checklists to make sure you have prepared all the required supporting documentation.

Step 4.Submit your application

Use our online form to provide your details and attach all supporting documentation.

Apply for a building permit

If you are a Private Building Surveyor, you can lodge a Section 30 application online.

Step 5.Your application is assessed

We may require further details about your application. Please respond to any requests promptly to avoid delays.

Once you've submitted all the required items, we assess the application to ensure it meets various regulations, including the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2018.

Step 6.Receive your building permit

If approved, we’ll send you your building permit and endorsed drawings.

The building permit will include information about mandatory inspections, which are required at various stages throughout building works.

Step 7.Confirm other permits are granted and neighbours are notified

You may also need to:

Make sure you have all the permits you need before your building work starts.

You may also need to protect your neighbour's property before starting your building work.

Step 8.Start building

Construction activities can commence.

Step 9.Arrange the first building inspection

Your Building Permit will contain instructions about how and when to arrange this.

A building inspector will visit the site to perform a mandatory inspection to make sure that all work is being completed in accordance with the permit.

Step 10.Read the building inspection report

After the inspection, you'll receive either an approval or a Direction to Fix. If you receive a Direction to Fix, it's important to attend to the items listed within the required timeframe.

Mandatory inspections continue until the work is completed and complies with building legislation.

Step 11.Prepare for the final inspection and occupancy inspection

Before the last inspection, you may need to submit an application for an occupancy permit. This allows you to occupy the building after work is completed and approved.

Your building permit will provide instructions about whether to apply for an occupancy permit.

Step 12.Finalisation

After the work is complete and Building Services has approved the work, Building Services will:

  • Provide a Certificate of Final Inspection, or
  • Issue a Certificate of Occupancy.