Appealing a planning decision

VCAT appeals

You can apply for a review if:

  • your permit application is refused by Council or the responsible authority
  • the decision contains conditions you’re not satisfied with
  • a decision hasn’t been made within the statutory timeframe
  • you objected to an application and are not satisfied with the decision or conditions

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is a Victorian Government tribunal that deals with many kinds of disputes, including town planning disputes between people and local councils.

How to lodge a VCAT appeal

Applicants or objectors who disagree with Council’s decision on a planning permit application can apply to VCAT to review Council’s decision.

Information on how to apply for a review of Council’s decision is supplied along with the:

  • planning permit
  • notice of decision to grant a planning permit
  • notice of refusal to grant a planning permit

To lodge an application for a review of a planning permit decision made by Council, visit the VCAT website.

When to lodge a VCAT appeal

Once Council gives notice of their decision, the timeframes to lodge an appeal are:

  • 60 days for applicants
  • 28 days for objectors

More information

The VCAT website contains important resources for people considering appealing a Council decision. It's important to contact VCAT if you need information or clarification about their processes.

You can contact VCAT via:

Other resources:

Current and recent VCAT appeals

Council maintains a register of current planning appeals.

Current VCAT Appeals Register