Submit plans to satisfy planning permit conditions

If your planning permit has been approved with conditions, you will not be able to act on the permit until the plans and other documents have been endorsed.

Please note: your plans and documents should not be emailed to the Planning Services team - they must be submitted via our online portal at the link below

How to submit


Step 1.Prepare your documentation

You will need to include:

  • plans prepared for endorsement, showing all the changes as required by the permit conditions
  • any other documents or plans as required by the permit conditions

Please upload your documents in PDF format.

Step 2.Submit your plans

If you are ready, submit your plans using our online portal. 


Fees may apply

A fee may be payable, depending on whether or not you have previously submitted plans.

Download Council’s schedule of statutory planning fees

What happens next?

After your plans and/or documents have been submitted, a member of the Planning Services team will assess them to ensure they meet the condition(s) requirements.

If your plans and documents are satisfactory

If the Planner assessing the plans approves them, you will be provided with plans that are stamped as 'endorsed'. Endorsed plans then form part of the permit and must be complied with when completing your approved use and/or development.

If your plans and documents are not satisfactory

If Council's Planner determines that your plans and other documents do not meet the requirements of the planning permit conditions, the plans and documents will be deemed not satisfactory. You will be asked to resubmit the plans. You will be provided with an outline of the issues that must be addressed at the next submission of conditions plans. A fee applies for subsequent submissions of condition plans.