Extend your planning permit

Your planning permit includes start and completion dates. 

Most permits state that the permit holder for development or change of land use must start within two years of the approval date and complete the work within four years.

A subdivision permit requires that the plan of subdivision is certified within two years or registered at Land Victoria within five years of the certification date. 

Timeframes for requesting an extension

Not started using or developing land 

If the use or development allowed by the permit has not yet started, you can apply to extend the permit while it is current or up to six months after the permit start date expires.

Started use or development

If the development allowed by the permit starts before the permit expires, you can apply to extend it up to 12 months after the permit expiry completion date.

We cannot extend a permit if the request is made outside the above timeframes. 

Missed the timeframes

If you want to extend outside of these timeframes, you must lodge and pay fees for a new application.

How to apply

Step 1.Talk to us

Discuss your reasons for wanting to extend your permit with us before you apply. We can help to make the process easier. Contact Planning Services on 9433 3343.

Step 2.Register for online services

Before you apply, you'll need to create an account for eservices. Most registrations are approved within one business day. You'll only need to register once to submit, track and amend your application.

Register for eservices

Step 3.Prepare your documents

With your request to extend you will need to include:

  • Certificate of Title from Landata copy (dated within the last three months and with a copy of any registered covenants and/or Section 173 agreements)
  • written consent of the landowner if you are not the owner or occupier of the land
  • permit number
  • new timeframes that you are proposing for starting and completing
  • reasons you are asking to extend
  • proof that development started before the permit expiry date (photos, building permit etc).

Step 4.Submit your request

Use our online portal to apply.

Request an extension of time

Step 5.After you apply

We assess your request. If it is successful we send you an amended permit. If unsuccessful we send you a letter of refusal. 

If refused and it was made within the timeframe, you may choose to appeal the decision with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).