Request miscellaneous consent or apply for a satisfaction matter

You apply for ‘miscellaneous consent’ if you want to vary your ‘owner obligations’ listed on a Section 173 Agreement registered on your land title.

You apply for a ‘satisfaction matter’ to get our approval for your proposed car parking or other requirements of the Planning Scheme.

Before you start

Make sure you:

Before you apply, you'll need to create an account for eservices. Most registrations are approved within one business day. You'll only need to register once to submit, track and amend your application.

Register for eservices

Prepare your application

You will need to include a Certificate of Title from Landata copy (dated within the last three months) with a copy of any registered covenants and/or Section 173 agreements

For Section 173 applications you need to tell us:

  • clause number(s) you are seeking to vary
  • detailed description of the changes 
  • reason(s) you are requesting them.

You may also need (if relevant):

  • proposed site plans and elevations 
  • supporting material - consultant reports, photos etc
  • arborist report and site plan  (if trees are involved).

For a satisfaction matter application, include a description of your proposal and why you are seeking the change. If you are confirming that your proposed car parking meets the planning scheme, include a report in accordance with Clause 52.06-2 of the Nillumbik Planning Scheme.

Check permit application fees

When you submit your application online you will pay a fee. To find out how much your application type will cost go to planning fees.

Apply now

If you have registered to use our online portal and have prepared all of the documents listed above, it’s time to request miscellaneous consent or respond to a satisfaction matter.