Respond to a request for further information

Your planning permit application is assessed by a planner. If required information is missing, or if any of the details of the application are unclear, the planner may request further information.

You will receive the request by email. It will include a due date by which you must respond, and a link to use to upload the information we need.

Submit information online

To provide the information that we have asked for, you must upload it into our online portal. Please do not send them to us by replying to the request email.

Meet the deadline for further information

If you miss the due date your application will lapse. You will need to lodge a new planning permit application and pay all relevant fees. If you know you won’t meet the due date, ask for an extension of time by emailing the Council Planner who is assessing your application.

Upload information now

Make sure you log in to eServices with the details used when you lodged the application.

You will see your application – it is listed by application number and address. 

Choose the application and follow these steps to upload your information:

  1. Select ‘Submit more information or a S50/S50A/57A Amendment’ 
  2. Click to submit a response to a request for further information or a S50/57A Amendment’
  3. On the next screen look for the Select more information or S50/S50A/S57A Amendment dropdown 
  4. Choose dropdown ‘More information submitted by applicant’ (this is the default)
  5. Enter your description of the information you are providing
  6. Attach any files and follow prompts to a confirmation message that your request has been submitted

Respond to a request for extra information