Rivers to Ranges project

Between the middle-Yarra River to the Kinglake Ranges, government agencies have been working together to protect vulnerable natural ecosystems on public land from weeds.

The Rivers to Ranges project worked from the Yarra River to the Kinglake Ranges, including parts of Nillumbik, Manningham and Whittlesea. It directly funded 1,800 hectares of environmental weed control in reserves including Kinglake National Park, Plenty Gorge Park, Warrandyte Kinglake Nature Conservation Reserve and Warrandyte State Park. These works protect some of the most significant natural areas left in the Greater Melbourne region.

Project partners include:

  • Nillumbik Shire Council (lead agency)
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • City of Whittlesea
  • Manningham City Council
  • Parks Victoria
  • Melbourne Water
  • Trust for Nature

Rivers to Ranges was a four year $500,000 project funded through the Victorian Government’s Peri-urban Weed Management Partnerships with co-contributions from Councils and other agencies.

The project ran between July 2016 and June 2020. It was an extension of the Warrandyte to Kinglake Habitat Corridor Project and we hope that future state government funding will enable the project to evolve and continue over the coming years.

What can you do?

Continue managing weeds on your property. If you would like to do more to manage weeds or need support:

  • consider joining your local Landcare or a friends group for advice about weed control or help with other works in your local area
  • contact Council or Melbourne Water about access to financial support to help control weeds on your property
  • if you live adjacent to a public conservation reserve, contact the land manager to find out which weeds you can control to help protect these special places.

Visit the weeds of Nillumbik page to find out more about what you can do to manage weeds.

For information see the Rivers to Ranges Project fact sheet(PDF, 750KB) or contact us at environment@nillumbik.vic.gov.au