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This directory lists businesses and individuals who can provide deer-related services in Nillumbik

Types of services offered include:

  • Fencing to reduce deer damage
  • Deer monitoring or surveying, including remote drone surveying of your property
  • Deer control (shooting), including professional controllers, commercial harvesters, volunteer and recreational hunters

The Directory is open to any experienced, responsible, ethical, individual or organisation that is supportive of the goal of reducing the impact and distribution of deer in Nillumbik. Service providers must have the qualities and criteria described in the Nillumbik Deer Directory fact sheet(PDF, 1MB)    

To find a deer-related service provider

Use the 'Search Directory' panel to filter results by searching for a business name, selecting the suburb where you require the service, or selecting the service category. Click on a listing in the results to show the service provider's profile page and contact details.

Please note: many areas of Nillumbik require a Public Place Permit to carry or use a firearm. Generally only professional deer controllers or commercial harvesters are able to obtain these permits. 

To add or edit your provider details

If you would like to list your professional or volunteer deer-related service in the deer directory, please complete this online form.

If you would like to edit an existing directory listing, please email

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Nillumbik Shire Council does not endorse nor nominate any of the listed service providers listed on the Deer Directory. 

It is the responsibility of a land manager to appoint a service provider and to undertake due diligence to check the currency of licences and permits and other details provided in this Directory.

Nillumbik Council accepts no responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this directory or any information or material available from it.