'Mapping our Community' workshops

Connected St Andrews

We're inviting anyone from St Andrews or a neighbouring township to be involved in a fun and interactive workshop facilitated by The Jeder Institute.

We'll be discovering what skills, experience, networks and resources already exist in and around St Andrews, so we can build from there and make St Andrews and its neighbours even more amazing places to live!

Knowing what assets are already in a community can also help us when an emergency happens.  

For example:

  • Skills - like accounting, pottery, bricklaying, making videos for Tik Tok or Instagram
  • Experience - life experience like travel or playing team sport, workplace experience like working with people with disability or running a small business
  • Networks - connections with groups like the Men's Shed, clubs like the Film Society, businesses like the General Store and the Pub
  • Resources - buildings and facilities like the school or Wadambuk, equipment like sporting gear, tools and machinery like tractors or gardening tools 

When: Friday 3 February, 10am - 1pm
Where: Wadambuk St Andrews Community Centre 
35 Caledonia Street, St Andrews 

Kids of all ages are welcome and yummy lunch and snacks will be provided. 

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Here are some great examples and ideas for using assets in the St Andrews and neighbouring communities to make great things happen: 

“The kids at St Andrews Primary School wanted to do martial arts so the parents got together and found a local instructor that was happy to come and give paid lessons after school in the multi-purpose room. There is a kiln at the school that is not being used... Could we find some local artists who can use the kiln to maybe run some pottery workshops or do kiln-firing?”
Rachael - a parent at St Andrews Primary School

“I want to partner with the Men's Shed to run a lost trades expo where young people can come and try trades like blacksmithing and woodwork. This could turn into a club where younger and older people can connect, young people can try new things and meet other like-minded people.”
24 year old local resident Orianna 

“Could we use a community asset like Wadambuk and the skills of local facilitators, speakers and entertainers to run a community dinner or games night so people can get to know their neighbours?”
Julie from Wadambuk

“What about a live screening of the Bushfire Resilience Inc. webinars at Wadambuk for people to learn about bushfire and also to have some dinner and just connect. We could have members from the local CFA brigade and community fireguard groups there to answer people’s questions”.
Steve from the Men's Shed

Connected St Andrews

These workshops are part of Connected St Andrews - a project that aims to strengthen relationships and community connections in and around St Andrews by building community skills, networks, resources and assets and identifying share community values and goals.


  • Friday, 03 February 2023 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


Wadambuk St Andrews Community Centre, 35 Caledonia Street, St Andrews, 3761, View map

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