Diamond Creek Dog Park

Diamond Creek dog park

The Diamond Creek offleash dog park is located 150 metres from Marngrook Oval. The half a hectare of open space has been designed to provide a safe and accessible space for residents to exercise their dogs. The park has been constructed to incorporate different activity zones that will enhance the play experience for our dogs.

What are the activity zones?

The park has three different zones to accommodate all types of dogs.

Zone 1 – Play/runabout zone - this zone provides a space where dogs can run free and where there are stimulating environments to explore. It includes mounding and climbable features, open run about areas and rock features for climbing.
Zone 2 – Education/training zone - this zone is to support the early stages of dog obedience training and includes built-in agility training equipment.
Zone 3 – Small dog/Timeout zone - this zone creates an area where small or timid dogs can play leash-free away from larger dogs. The space can also act as a time-out area for owners who want to temporarily remove their dogs from the energy of the park to settle them down.

Conditions of use

The following conditions of use must be observed when using the park:

• Dogs must be registered and the registration tag must be on the dog or with the handler at all times
• No more than 2 dogs per adult
• Dogs must remain in visual and audible range of their handler to allow it to be effectively recalled at any time
• Dog owners must have a means to pick up/remove and dispose of dog droppings
• Dog owners must have a dog lead in their possession and put their dog back on lead when leaving the off lead area
• Actively supervise your dog and restrain it should it become unruly or should other park users or other dogs show signs of being intimidated by the dog
• For their own safety, it is recommended children under 5 do not enter the park
• Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult and not left alone to supervise a dog
• No food or drink permitted within the park
• People must not play on or near the dog exercising/training equipment
• No choker or spiked collars or rough handling techniques to be used within the park

A Council Ranger may issue an Infringement Notice for a breach of any of the above conditions.

Dogs not allowed off lead

The following dogs are NOT allowed to be off lead in the park:

• Dogs declared menacing / dangerous / restricted breed must not be allowed off lead, but may be walked on lead while muzzled
• Dogs that are aggressive to people or other dogs, or are unsocialised and extremely excitable are advised not to be off lead
• Female dogs on heat are not to be in off lead areas

More information

Regulatory Services 9433 3231


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