Diamond Creek Trail

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Diamond Creek Trail is a popular shared-use trail that connects the townships of Eltham, Diamond Creek, Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge. 

The trail is off-road and sealed, approximately 17.3km in length. Following the Diamond Creek, the trail is relatively flat, with a total incline of approximately 177 metres (51 metres net elevation) from Eltham to Hurstbridge.

This is a shared trail

Trail users are reminded that the Diamond Creek Trail is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

So that everyone can enjoy the trail, remember:

  • keep to the left
  • keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • clean up after your dog
  • do not litter
  • motor bikes/dirt bikes are not permitted

Trail route and features

The Diamond Creek trail follows the Diamond Creek from Hurstbridge to Eltham.

Explore the quaint village of Hurstbridge - beautiful giftware, interesting op shopping, a place rich in history and natural beauty, and a foodie destination in it's own right with award winning restaurants and cafes.

At the northern end, the trail commences from behind the Hurstbridge Community Hub at 50 Graysharps Road. This section of the trail can be enjoyed by horseback, as well as bike riding or on foot. Take your time and relax at a number of picnic tables scattered along the trail.

Mid-way long the trail takes you through Diamond Creek. There are more unique local shopping gems, hidden street art and the Diamond Creek Regional Playspace. Plenty of options for entertaining the family and catching up with friends. 

Continuing through to Eltham, you will pass the Eltham North Adventure Playspace and Edendale Environmental Community Farm, both family favourites. There are plenty of areas to picnic and BBQ facilities at many parks, playgrounds and reserves. The path is even and easily navigated by all ages. 

At the southern end, the trail crosses the Yarra River to join the Main Yarra Trail at Eltham Lower Park. Following the Main Yarra Trail west, you have the option of extending your journey all the way into Melbourne CBD.

 Heading south from Hurstbridge, the trail passes through or nearby to the following parks and other locations:

  • Hurstbridge railway station
  • Hurstbridge Community Hub
  • Hurstbridge township
  • Wilson Reserve
  • Wattle Glen railway station
  • Wattle Glen township
  • Diamond Creek railway station
  • Coventry Oval
  • Marngrook Oval
  • Diamond Creek dog park
  • Diamond Creek Regional Playspace
  • Diamond Creek Reserve and Playground
  • Eltham North Adventure Playground
  • Edendale Community Environment Farm
  • Eltham railway station
  • Andrew Park
  • Eltham Central Park
  • Alistair Knox Park
  • Susan Street Oval and off-leash area
  • Barak Bushlands Reserve
  • Diamond Valley Railway

We also suggest taking advantage of the Hurstbridge train line to break up your discovery of the trail by walking one way and training your way back. 

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