Eltham North Adventure Playground

A large roofed playground structure sits in a park surrounded by gum trees

This award-winning playground offers an exciting range of play elements for all abilities, integrated under a large roof structure.

It's next to Edendale's north entrance, just a short walk along the bike path. Add this to your Edendale visit where the kids can burn off some energy exploring, climbing and swinging on a variety of play equipment.

There is car parking near the playground or park at Edendale and walk across.

Liberty Swing

The Liberty Swing is a swing for wheelchair users. To access the swing you need a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). This key will give you access to accessible facilities across Australia. You can borrow a key for your visit or arrange to get your own key to keep from Edendale Farm 9.30am - 4.30pm daily. Speak to one of the staff in advance to arrange. ID is required.


You can bring your dog to the park but they must:

  • be on a leash
  • not be within five metres of the playground or barbeques
  • stay within five metres of the path.


Wattletree Road, Eltham North 3095  View map

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