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This page displays a map of events, venues, projects, parks and reserves in your local area. You can also view your next bin collection date, and find out who your local ward Councillor is.

To use this service:

  • Enter your address and select Search
  • If your address doesn't appear, make sure you are entering it in the same format as your rates notice
  • Select 'Show map options' to show/hide different features on the map
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your bin collection details and ward and Councillor details


Please note: The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has recently undertaken an Electoral Representation review, which resulted in a slight change to the boundary between Swipers Gully Ward and Sugarloaf Ward. These changes came into effect on 24 October 2020. You can view the revised ward boundary map here.


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Waste Collection

Enter street address to find your collection dates

Your Councillor

Enter street address to find your local councillor(s)

Please note there will be two Councillors listed above:

  • The Mayor
  • Your local ward Councillor

If you live in the Mayor's ward, only the Mayor will be listed.


Your next bin collection date for each service (red, green and yellow) is listed underneath each bin type.

To find out what you can put in each bin, and size options, go to the bin collection page.