Request a change of street number

Nillumbik Shire Council is responsible for numbering properties within the Shire. It is important to use and display the street number Council has allocated to your property. This means your property can quickly and easily be identified in an emergency and also for delivery services such as Australia Post. 

All addresses must be created to reflect the dwelling or retail premises’ primary point of entry. This must be in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4819:2011 - Rural and urban addressing.

If you want to change your street number or address (for example, if you live on a corner property) you will need to make a request to Council.

How to apply


Step 1.Make sure you are eligible

To make the request, you must:

Step 2.Put your request in writing

Email your request to

What happens next?

If your request is approved, Council will notify:

  • the State Revenue Office
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • the Australian Electoral Commission
  • Australia Post
  • Land Use Victoria 

It is your responsibility to update your street address with all other people and organisations, including gas, electricity, phone and internet providers.