Return an additional bin

If you have an additional bin that you no longer need or want, you can let us know by completing the online form below and we'll pick it up.

How to return an additional bin


Step 1.Make sure you have the right bin

You can not return a bin that does not belong to Nillumbik Shire Council or that belongs to a commercial property. 

Step 2.Complete the online form

The form can be completed by the property owner, a tenant, or someone authorised to act on behalf of the property owner.

You'll need to let us know the colour and size of the bin you want to return.

Return an additional bin

Step 3.Leave your bin out for collection

After your normal bin collection day, please leave out your unwanted bin for us to collect.

Your bin/s will be taken away within three business days following your next collection.

If you are placing this request on the same day as your collection (ie your bins were emptied this morning), your unwanted bin will be collected in the next three days, so please leave it out for collection straight away.

Please note: if you are returning an additional red bin that you have purchased, you will only be charged the pro-rata fee for the use of the bin. This means you will only be charged for the use of the bin from 1 July until the day it is removed from the property.