Neighbourhood safer places

Neighbourhood Safer Places - place of last resort

Only use a Neighbourhood Safer Place - place of last resort when your primary bushfire plan has failed.  Your safety or survival at one of these locations is not guaranteed.  It may be that your home or one of your neighbours' offers better protection than a Neighbourhood Safer Place - place of last resort

  • Travelling to a Neighbourhood Safer Place - place of last resort when there is a bushfire can be extremely dangerous if it is more than a few minutes away
  • There are no guarantees of assistance and no facilities available for people with special needs, including those requiring medical attention
  • There will be no staff in attendance to provide assistance at a Neighbourhood Safer Place - place of last resort
  • There are no amenities such as food or drink
  • There is no provision for animals at a Neighbourhood Safer Place - place of last resort

Locations of Neighbourhood Safer Places

These designated locations have limited capacity 


  • Diamond Hills Reserve Oval, Plenty River Drive, Greensborough (Mel Ref 11 B9)
  • The Outdoor Performance Centre, Civic Drive, Greensborough (Mel Ref 11 A10)
  • Collendina Reserve, Collendina Crescent, Greensborough (Mel Ref 10 F10)

Diamond Creek

  • Diamond Creek Community Centre, Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek (Mel Ref 12 A6)


  • Car park between Arthur and Dudley Streets, Eltham (Mel Ref 21 K 5)


  • Yarrambat Golf Course Clubrooms, Yan Yean Road, Yarrambat (Mel Ref 184 F5)


  • Hurstbridge Basketball Stadium, Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge (Mel Ref 185 J8)