Stay informed

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When an emergency happens, you cannot assume that anyone will call or knock on your door to tell you that you are in danger – you need to keep yourself informed.

Mobile reception, electricity and WiFi might not be available during an emergency, which may limit your access to information. Always ensure that you have several backup methods to access information.

Fire danger ratings

Fire danger ratings are declared by the Country Fire Authority (CFA). Council services may change on fire risk days.

All Council services and facilities in high-risk areas will be suspended and/or closed on a declared Catastrophic fire risk day.

On an Extreme fire risk day, Council services may be modified and changed.

Find out more about Fire Danger Ratings and the Fire Danger Period.

VicEmergency app

The VicEmergency app aligns with the VicEmergency website to provide a centralised location for Victorians to access timely emergency information and warnings.

Visit the Vic Emergency website

You can download the VicEmergency app from the App Store or Google Play.

Social media

Follow VicEmergency on Facebook and Twitter for helpful information.

You could also follow your local and regional SES and CFA (bear in mind local brigades and units may be responding to an event and not updating their social media).

Nillumbik Shire Council also provides information on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Radio and TV

During emergencies, Victoria’s emergency broadcasters will provide information, including updates and community alerts, to help you to make decisions based on the advice of the emergency services.

You can get this information from any of Victoria's commercial radio stations, ABC local radio, a number of community stations and SkyNews TV. 

These are outlined further below and a list of the coverage areas can be downloaded on the Emergency Management Victoria website.

ABC Local Radio 774am

Use the frequency finder to find the station if you need to. You can also tune in online and on the ABC Radio app.

Community broadcasters

There are ten official community Emergency Broadcasters that provide critical local information to their communities. The ones closest to Nillumbik are:

SkyNews TV

Provide emergency information to their viewers through their;

  • 24 hour TV channel
  • Digital channel including crawlers and alerts
  • Website at
  • SMS alert service to SkyNews subscribers


Community alert sirens are used as part of Victoria’s warning system for all types of emergencies including flood, fire and storm. 

Remember: not all communities have a community alert siren. Even if there is a siren, you may not be able to hear it from your location.

You need to listen to how long the siren sounds for, as it can mean two things:

  • Short Siren (up to 90 seconds) – indicates that the CFA Brigade has responded to an incident nearby. Stay informed.
  • Extended Siren (5 minutes) – indicates that a current emergency has been identified in the local area and people should seek further information immediately. The emergency incident will impact people in this area.

Find more information via the resources below:

Telephone alerts

Telephone alerts are sometimes used to provide the community with official warning information using the National Emergency Alert system.

You don’t need to sign up to receive telephone alerts.

Telephone alerts can send information to you by your landline (voice), or mobile phone (text) – either by address or by a specific geographic area.

Alerts will begin with “Emergency, Emergency” and will only be received if your landline and mobile phone (based on its billing address and/or your last known location) is within the defined area and has service. 

Telephone Alerts are not used in all circumstances, and depends on the nature of the incident.

You should not wait to receive a Telephone Alert before you act.

Life-threatening emergencies: call 000

  • If you are in a life threatening situation, you should always call Triple Zero (000) for police, fire or ambulance.
  • Be prepared to describe your location as accurately as possible and don’t hang up until the call taker tells you to.
  • The free Emergency+ App is a Triple Zero (000) smartphone app that provides key numbers for the emergency services and displays the GPS coordinates of your location so you can read it out to the emergency operator

VicEmergency Hotline: 1800 226 226

  • You can reach the VicEmergency Hotline by calling 1800 226 226.
  • The VicEmergency hotline provides information during and after major incidents in Victoria. It also offers information to help households, landowners and small businesses plan for and recover from emergencies.
  • In a situation where you can see or smell smoke, the VicEmergency Hotline can also advise whether or not a planned burn is in progress.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, contact them through the National Relay Service:

The Translating and Interpreting Service is available on 131 450 for translated information from the VicEmergency Hotline. If you know someone who can't speak English, provide them with this number.

Nillumbik Shire Council: 03 9433 3111

You can contact Nillumbik Shire Council by dialing 03 9433 3111.

In a large scale emergency, Council will establish a dedicated Call Centre to provide information on relief and recovery services.

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact Council using the National Relay Service