Eltham North Adventure Playground

In the early hours of Saturday 16 December 2017, the Eltham North Reserve playground was destroyed by fire. This is devastating to so many families with young children who use the popular playground. We are committed to rebuilding the Adventure Playground as quickly as possible and in partnership with the community.


Some elements of the playground can still be used.

  • Liberty Swing (a swing for children in wheelchairs). Borrow a key for a $10 refundable deposit from nearby Edendale Community Environment Farm or use an MLAK key.  See the MLAK page for details
  • Swings
  • Toilets
  • The path and bridge to walk to Edendale Community Environment Farm


We are looking at ways to rally together to rebuild this wonderful space for the community to enjoy. We will regularly update our website on the news page and social media with information and look forward to working with you. 


Wattletree Road, Eltham North 3095  View Map

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