Step 1: Prepare

Before you apply for permits or registrations for your business, spend some time getting prepared. Avoid costly mistakes and undertake this step before you sign a commercial agreement.

Develop a business plan

You will need to be able to describe what products or services you intend to supply, where you will operate, how many people you plan to employ and an estimation of how many customers you will attract on a daily basis. Include a plan for your immediate requirements in addition to your future needs. This information will determine the types of permit and registration you will require.

Research how and where you want your business to operate

The Nillumbik Planning Scheme sets out the rules for development. Zones and overlays are covered by this scheme and they may restrict your business in certain areas or identify special conditions that you need to adhere to. To find out what zone or overlay applies to the address you are considering for your business, visit the Victorian Government's Planning website for a free property planning report.

Additional resources to help you with your research:

Connect with Council

Complete the business permit questionnaire.

Before you complete the business permit questionnaire, you will need to register for access to Council's online portal.

Register for Council's online services

Please note:

  • You will need to select 'applicant' as your customer type.
  • Most registrations are approved within one business day. Approvals only occur during business hours.
  • You will only need to register once. You will then have access to lodge future applications and other requests online. 

Meet with Council

Once we’ve reviewed the information, you will be invited to meet with Council officers in a business pre-application meeting. Members from each of the relevant regulatory areas will help you determine if the proposed address allows for the intended business use and which registrations you will need for your business. This is a good time to ask questions about the information you have gathered and which order you should lodge your applications. 

If you would like to discuss your business proposal or set up a pre-application meeting, contact the team.

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