Key age and stage visits

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The hospital where you give birth will contact our MCH team to let them know, and pass on your contact details.

You will be paired with an MCH nurse in your area who will contact you after you are discharged from hospital. The nurse will provide information about services and your nearest MCH centre, and will book in your first visit. 

Home visit

The first key age and stage visit takes place in your home - your MCH nurse will arrange to visit you after you are discharged from hospital.

Your MCH nurse talk to you about your baby's health and your own health and how your experience as a parent of a new baby has been so far, as well as discussing next steps and future appointments.

The home visit is a great opportunity to ask any questions that may be relevant to you or your baby. 

Age and stage appointments

After the initial home visit, all other key age and stage visits take place at one of our MCH centres.

When your child is approaching each age, please contact us to make an appointment.

Make an appointment

There are ten key age and stage visits included in the MCH program:

Click on each of the links above to find out more about each visit on the Victorian BetterHealth website, including:

  • What happens at the visit
  • What your baby is doing at each key age and stage
  • What to tell your nurse
  • Activity ideas for each key age and stage

My Health, Learning and Development Record

The hospital where your baby was born will provide you with a My Health, Learning and Development Record.

You might know this as your Child Health Record or the ‘green book’.

At each appointment, your nurse will record your child’s milestones. Health, growth, development and immunisations are recorded in this book, so it’s important to bring it to each appointment. 


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