Kangaroo Ground Preschool

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Kangaroo Ground Pre-school is rated as ‘Exceeding’ the National Quality Standard.

Our play-based curriculum encourages children to explore, solve problems, communicate, think, create and construct. We develop learning programs that are responsive to the children’s interests and understandings, that celebrate their differences and similarities, and build on their capabilities, strengths, interests and knowledge. As curious and enthusiastic participants in learning, and by using play to investigate their world, children begin to discover that learning can be both enjoyable and meaningful.

We strive to develop a sense of trust and confidence in the children that their needs will be met in an accepting and safe environment, promoting a sense of wellbeing which leads to confidence and resilience. We encourage children to share ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings, and provide opportunities for them to experience the sounds of spoken language and to share the enjoyment of language in a variety of ways.

Our program encourages children to experience wonder and interest in their environment. We value and promote recycling, and provide opportunities for the children to care for and nurture the natural environment at pre-school.

We encourage our children to appreciate the many qualities and similarities we all have, to accept and be respectful of differences and to value the individual’s right of choice.


20 Graham Road,  Kangaroo Ground 3097  View map

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