Recycling Centre

Nillumbik Shire Council's Recycling Centre accepts a range of different items for reuse, recycling or disposal.

Please note: Council has changed its process to increase safety for the Recycling Centre team. Please allow extra time when you visit.

Before you visit

Before you visit, make sure you:

Step 1.Check our opening hours

We are open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays between 8am and 4pm. The full details are listed in the opening hours section on this page.

Step 2.Understand what items you can bring

Check what items we accept and do not accept in the lists below. You can also find out how much it is likely to cost.

Step 3.Sort your waste items by type 

Please sort the items in your load into different types of waste, including flattening any cardboard. This will help you to drop off your items quickly and can save you money.

Step 4.Bring your green waste voucher

If you have green waste items, bring your current rate notice with you. The notice includes a voucher that entitles you to three green waste drop-offs. When you visit us, the attendant will scan the QR code on the notice.

Opening hours

  • Monday - 8am–4pm
  • Tuesday - closed
  • Wednesday - closed
  • Thursday - closed
  • Friday - 8am–4pm
  • Saturday - 8am–4pm
  • Sunday 8am–4pm

Public holidays

The centre is closed on all public holidays and on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Extreme weather

The centre is closed during extreme weather, including catastrophic fire danger rating days and during high wind.

To confirm if the centre is open, call customer service on 9433 3111. 

Payment options

You can pay with EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa.

Items we accept and fees

We accept a range of different waste items. Some items we accept for free and for other items we charge a fee.

Items accepted in loads (including fees per load)

For items in loads, you are charged by the size of your load.

No trucks or commercial quantities accepted. The largest load accepted is a high-sided 8 x 6 trailer.

Items accepted in loads include:

  • garden materials / green waste (Nillumbik residents can make use of their green waste vouchers) 
  • broken furniture
  • hard waste
  • plaster
  • polystyrene/foam/bean bag beans
  • processed wood e.g. treated pine posts/sleepers, fence paling, untreated timber 
  • other things that can't be recycled
Size of load Cost
car boot $54.50
station wagon $67
small van or ute $82.50
medium van or ute $123.50
large ute $130
large van $151
6 x 4 trailer $105
6 x 4 trailer high sided / heaped $153
7 x 5 trailer $128
7 x 5 trailer high sided / heaped $151
8 x 6 tandem trailer $157.50
8 x 6 tandem trailer high sided / heaped $173

Prices correct from 1 July 2023. All prices include GST.

Individual items accepted with a charge

We accept the following items with a charge per item:

Item  Cost
fridge, freezer or air conditioner $49
mattress - king, queen or double size $52.50
mattress - single or baby size $37.50
car tyre $21
car tyre with rim $24
4WD tyre
4WD tyre with rim $28.50
motorbike tyre $18
motorbike tyre with rim
truck tyre $46
truck tyre with rim $52.50
tractor tyre

Items accepted for free

We accept the following items free of charge:

Item  More information 
batteries This includes household, car and mobile phone batteries.

Household quantities only, limited to a car boot size load (no waxed cardboard).
All cardboard must be flattened before arrival to reduce delays. 

CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes  Cases included.

This includes any item with a plug, cord or battery.

For example: computers, appliances, tools, electronic toys, phones.

light globes/bulbs and fluorescent tubes  -
mobile phones and accessories  -
motor oil and containers A maximum of 20 litres per drop off.
scrap metal

For example, bikes, stoves, microwaves, washing machines, dryers, metal poles, or roofing.

Charges apply for fridges, freezers and air conditioners for the de-gassing process.

televisions  -
dishwashers  -
x-rays and photo negatives  -

Items we do not accept

There are some waste items that we do not accept.

Items we do not accept

We do not accept the following items:

  • asbestos 
  • bricks
  • building or renovation rubble
  • cement 
  • chemicals 
  • commercial quantities or truck loads
  • concrete
  • coolant
  • dirt
  • fire extinguishers
  • fuels
  • gas bottles 
  • household garbage 
  • insulation
  • liquid waste
  • mixed household recycling
  • paint
  • sand
  • soil
  • tiles.

To find out where to take these items, visit other disposal options.

Soft plastics

Please note that soft plastic recycling is no longer available at the Recycling Centre. From 9 November 2022, REDcycle and soft plastic recycling has been paused. REDcycle is a program to recycle soft plastics through supermarkets. The program has been suspended due to limited recycling options and end markets for their products.

Other items

If you need to dispose of an item we do not accept, there are other services available.

Check the A-Z of waste disposal guide to find out how to dispose of a specific waste item.

Green waste vouchers

Council provides green waste vouchers to all residential properties we collect rates from.

Each financial year, your rates notice includes a voucher that entitles you to three green waste drop-offs. 

What your green waste drop-off includes

The size of each drop-off is one cubic metre of green waste. This is a slightly heaped 6 x 4 sized trailer load. Your load size is assessed by the attendant.

Your green waste:

  • can include garden clippings, pruning, leaves and grass
  • must be clean
  • must not contain processed wood such as treated pine, fence palings or untreated timber
  • must not include any food waste.

How to use your vouchers

To use a voucher, bring your current rate notice to the Recycling and Recovery Centre. The attendant will scan the QR code on the notice.

Your vouchers:

  • can be given to your tenants or a contractor to use
  • must be used only for residential green waste
  • cannot be redeemed for cash or a refund
  • only expire when a new rate notice is issued

Reuse Shop

Where possible, items unable to be recycled and in good condition are donated to the Reuse Shop. The shop is located on site at the Recycling Centre. 

The shop is managed by the Green Wedge Christian Community and stocks a wide range of affordable second-hand goods. We encourage residents to visit the shop and support waste minimisation through reuse.

Opening hours

  • Monday - 9am–3.30pm
  • Tuesday - closed
  • Wednesday - closed
  • Thursday - closed
  • Friday - 9am–3.30pm
  • Saturday - 9am–3.30pm
  • Sunday - 9am–3.30pm

Closed on public holidays.