Programs, resources and support

Photo of a baby in a high-chair

New parents groups

This group provides an opportunity for parents with new babies to gain information and support and meet other new parents from their local area.

New parents groups are held weekly for seven weeks with an evening session for partners.

Groups start when the baby is two to three months old.

How to book

Ask your maternal and child health nurse for information, call 03 9433 3368 to find out more or complete our online contact form and an MCH team member will call you back.    


Breastfeeding support

Nillumbik MCH breastfeeding support

These sessions are for mothers having breastfeeding difficulties and provide support by a qualified lactation consultant.

Sessions are held weekly on Tuesday mornings.

Eltham Maternal and Child Health Centre
905 Main Road, Eltham

How to book

Ask your maternal and child health nurse for information, call 03 9433 3368 to make a booking or complete our online contact form and an MCH team member will call you back.   

Australian Breastfeeding Association

The ABA also offer breastfeeding education classes, breast pumps for hire, and a range of other services.

More information

Visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association website.


Sleep and settling

Free information sessions are available to help you understand your baby’s sleep needs and to support you to make changes that will help you get more sleep. 

We offer sessions for specific age groups:

  • Newborn (birth to five months) - sessions are included in new parent groups
  • Babies (six to twelve months) - sessions are held monthly
  • Toddlers (twelve months and beyond) - sessions are held monthly

2022 program dates

Newborns (0-5 months)  Babies (6-12 months)  Toddlers (12+ months)
Fri 14 Jan
Thu 20 Jan
Thu 27 Jan
Fri 11 Feb
Wed 16 Feb 
Wed 23 Feb
Fri 11 Mar
Thu 17 Mar
Thu 24 Mar
Fri 8 Apr
Wed 20 Apr
Wed 27 Apr
Fri 6 May
Thu 19 May
Thu 26 May
Fri 3 Jun
Wed 22 Jun
Wed 29 Jun


How to book

Please complete our online contact form to make a booking on your preferred date.

More information

Ask your maternal and child health nurse for information, call 03 9433 3368, or complete our online contact form and an MCH team member will call you back.  

More information about sleep and settling can be found on the Better Health Channel website


INFANT sessions

INFANT is designed to help parents and families with healthy eating and active play from the start of their baby’s life.

INFANT consists of face-to face group sessions for parents/caregivers led by a nurse or other practitioner, with content reinforced via a mobile app. It is designed to promote healthy eating, increase active play and reduce screen time for infants from birth until 2 years of age.

INFANT provides an opportunity for parents to support each other’s learning through shared experiences, tips and strategies.

2022 program dates

Parents in Nillumbik are invited to attend up to three INFANT sessions:

  • one session when your child is around 6 months 
  • one session when your child is around 9 months
  • one session when your child is around 12 months
Date  6 months  9 months  12 months 
Fri 25 Feb 9.30am - 11.00am
11.00am - 12.30pm  
1.30pm - 3.00pm
Fri 25 Mar
Fri 22 Apr
Fri 27 May
Fri 24 Jun
Fri 22 Jul
Fri 26 Aug
Fri 23 Sep
Fri 28 Oct
Fri 25 Nov

How to book

To book in a session, please complete our online contact form or call 03 9433 3368.

More information

Find out more details about the program at the INFANT website.


Supported playgroups

Supported playgroups are a safe and friendly place for you and your child to have fun, learn and play while sharing parenting tips and support. Children can attend supported playgroups until they are school-aged.

Supported playgroups are about sharing strategies to support your child’s learning and development.  

Coming to supported playgroup can help improve your child’s learning, development and wellbeing through:

  • enhancing interactions with your child in a stimulating environment
  • supporting your parenting skills and confidence

Sessions are free to attend and run each week during school terms. Sessions are facilitated by an early years professional. 


Smalltalk is a set of evidence-based strategies that introduce parents to a number of parenting essentials that lead to optimal child outcomes.

Sessions are planned and delivered by a trained facilitator who utilises Smalltalk practices and principles. Smalltalk aims to increase parents’ confidence to have a positive impact on their child’s learning.

In addition, in-home support is available for eligible families.

More information

Speak to your Maternal and Child Health nurse for more information or email Eligibility criteria applies.


Best Start

Best Start is a Victorian Government initiative that is funded and administered by the Department of Education and Training.

The Best Start program supports families, caregivers and communities to provide the best possible environment, experiences and care for children from birth to eight years of age.

The Nillumbik Best Start program focuses on children and families within Nillumbik experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage, and all Aboriginal children.

The program aims to ensure all children have access to quality early childhood experiences through maternal and child health services, supported playgroups and early years programs including kindergarten.

More information

For further information contact the Best Start Facilitator Sue Malone Phone 9433 3190, or email

Find out more about the Best Start program at the Victorian State Government website.


In-home family mentoring program

This program is for parents with children under six years who are experiencing challenges due to isolation, post natal depression, illness, disability or multiple births.

A volunteer mentor will be matched with a family to provide one-on-one support for around four hours a week for up to twelve months.

Mentors can assist parents by increasing parenting confidence and connecting with other parents and community networks.

Mentors also provide practical and emotional support and can help parents to get to appointments, go out for a walk or do the shopping.

Families are usually referred by their MCH nurse or other health professionals.

More information

Ask your MCH nurse for information, call 03 9433 3368 to find out more or complete our online contact form and an MCH team member will call you back.   



Immunisation from an early age helps protect your child against serious childhood infections. 

The Immunisation Schedule Victoria outlines the vaccines your child needs and the age at which each vaccine should be given.

Your maternal and child health nurse will provide more information about your child's immunisations.

How to book

Find out more about immunisations in Nillumbik and how to book an immunisation appointment.


Nillumbik Parenting Hub

To support parents, carers and grandparents of children and young people, we are pleased to launch the Nillumbik Parenting Hub: Building Resilient Families.

This online portal provides strategies and tools to help families strengthen their skills in providing positive support to children and young people, and responding effectively during the most challenging times. 

Find out more about the Nillumbik Parenting Hub.



healthAbility promotes and supports the health and well-being of the Nillumbik community through a range of affordable health services.

They provide a range of prevention, early intervention, service coordination, treatment and support services and programs.

Visit the healthAbility website.


Eltham Dads Group

Fathers (or a father figures) in Eltham or surrounding areas are invited to come along to this regular group for local fathers with young children or fathers-to-be.

It's a great chance to have a coffee, share experienced, meet other dads and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

For more information on events, visit the Dads of Eltham Facebook group or contact