Apply for a permit to place a clothing recycling bin

If you want to place a clothing recycling bin within Nillumbik Shire Council you will need a permit.

If you place a clothing recycle bin without a permit, you may receive a penalty notice. Permits are typically issued to charitable organisations.

Permits allow placement of the bins for a maximum of one year.

Where you can place a bin

Clothing recycling bins can be placed on streets, roads, footpaths, nature strips, malls and public car parks. 

The bins should not block access or visibility for pedestrians or vehicles, including driveways, hydrants, mailboxes or any facility where access is required.

Permit conditions

If successful, you must:

  • Maintain the bin and site, including shared arrangements with other bin owners at the site
  • Regularly clear the bin and remove rubbish left at the site
  • Repair bin damage, remove graffiti and keep the bin clean
  • Label the bin, clearly displaying the owner’s name and contact details, and the charity that benefits from donations
  • Display warning signs about dumping rubbish at the site
  • Maintain current public liability insurance for the duration of the permit. 

How to apply


Step 1.Check your public liability insurance

You will need to provide evidence of current public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million.

Step 2.Allow time for approval

You will need to submit your application at least 30 days before the date you intend on placing the clothing recycling bin.

Step 3.Submit the online form

Apply for a permit

Step 4.Make payment

The application fee for a permit to place a clothing recycling bin is $82. This amount is correct as of 1 July 2024.

Criteria for issuing permits

To find out more about the criteria that Council uses to make a decision about this permit, read the Nillumbik General Local Law 1 Procedure and Protocol Manual(PDF, 2MB).