Delegated committees

Planning and Consultation Committee

At the Council meeting on 23 February 2021, Council resolved to establish the delegated committee, Planning and Consultation Committee (Committee) effective 11 March 2021 and appoint all seven Councillors to the Committee.

The Committee will consider matters under two areas being, Planning Matters and Consultation Matters. Each area has a Councillor elected to chair matters heard under those areas.

  • Councillor Geoff Paine was elected to chair Planning Matters for the 2021 Council year
  • Councillor Ben Ramcharan to chair Consultation Matters for the 2021 Council year.

Future Nillumbik Committee

The Future Nillumbik Committee was reconstituted as a Delegated Committee under section 63 of the Local Government Act 2020 on 25 August 2020.

Councillor Ben Ramcharan was elected as the interim Chairperson of the Future Nillumbik Committee on 24 November 2020, with the appointment of Councillors to portfolios in the Future Nillumbik Committee for the 2020/2021 Council year deferred.

Council resolved on 23 February to abolish the Future Nillumbik Committee effective 10 March 2021.

External committees

 External organisation  Councillor representative 
Diamond Creek Traders' Association Cr Peter Perkins, Cr Natalie Duffy and Cr Richard Stockman
Eltham Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cr Natalie Duffy, Cr Frances Eyre and Cr Geoff Paine

Hurstbridge Traders' Association Cr Karen Egan
Interface Councils Group

Mayor of the Day
Proxy: Deputy Mayor of the Day

Metropolitan Transport Forum Inc Cr Ben Ramcharan
Proxy: Cr Geoff Paine
Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum Cr Geoff Paine
Proxy: Cr Ben Ramcharan
Municipal Association of Victoria Cr Peter Perkins
Proxy: Cr Frances Eyre
Nillumbik Reconciliation Group Cr Natalie Duffy
Nillumbik Tourism and Business Cr Richard Stockman
Cr Frances Eyre
Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action Cr Ben Ramcharan
Proxy: Cr Frances Eyre
Northern Council Alliance Cr Ben Ramcharan
Proxy: Cr Frances Eyre
Victorian Local Governance Association Cr Frances Eyre
Proxy: Cr Natalie Duffy
Yarra Plenty Regional Library Board Cr Natalie Duffy, Cr Karen Egan
Proxy: Executive Manager Community Services


Advisory committees 

Advisory committee Councillor representative 

Arts Advisory Committee

Cr Geoff Paine (Chair)
Cr Peter Perkins (Deputy Chair)
Audit and Risk Committee Cr Peter Perkins
Cr Francis Eyre
CEO Employment Matters Committee All councillors
Economic Development Advisory Committee Cr Geoff Paine (Chair)
Cr Karen Egan
Cr Richard Stockman
Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee Cr Karen Egan (Chair)
Cr Ben Ramcharan (Alternate Chair)
Health and Wellbeing Plan Advisory Committee Cr Richard Stockman
Inclusion Advisory Committee Cr Peter Perkins (Chair)
Cr Frances Eyre (Alternate Chair)
Living & Learning Advisory Committee Cr Geoff Paine
Nillumbik Youth Council Cr Ben Ramcharan
Panton Hill Bushland Reserves System User Group Advisory Committee Cr Ben Ramcharan (Chair)
Positive Ageing Advisory Committee Cr Francis Eyre (Chair)
Recreation Trails Advisory Committee Cr Karen Egan
Cr Richard Stockman