Customer First Strategy

Nillumbik Shire Council exists to serve our community and our customers – our community is central to what we do. This strategy will ensure that providing a great customer experience continues to be a key focus for Council. 

Adopted in December 2022, our vision remains:

Nillumbik’s services are easy to use, and we will ensure they will be customer focused at all times in an environment where all customers will be treated with care and respect. 

The strategy guides our service delivery to focus on customer experience, meeting customer needs through digital innovation, service redesign and a customer-centric service model.

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Nillumbik Customer First Strategy 2023-2026(PDF, 1MB)

An Easy English version of this strategy is in development and will be available soon.

Customer commitments 

Four key commitments align our efforts, our thinking and our aspirations to deliver a great experience for our customers every day.

We listen to our customers, understand their needs and concerns and we put ourselves in their shoes. 

Our customers are provided with accurate information and consistent experiences across all customer channels, by knowledgeable and supportive staff.

We understand our key customer journeys, we design and deliver our services to deliver quality outcomes and reduce duplication and repetition.

All customer processes, information and contact channels are easy to follow, are seamless and require as little time and effort from the customer.