Advertising planning permit applications

Your application may be advertised

After a planning permit application is submitted to Council, it may be advertised publicly. 

Planning permit applications are assessed based on the perceived material detriment that may be caused by the proposed use and/or development. This means that if your proposal will affect surrounding properties or the wider community, we will advertise it publicly. 

Advertising a planning permit application is often referred to as ‘giving notice’. The period of time that an application is advertised is often referred to as the 'notification period'.

There are additional fees for advertising - Council will advise the applicant of the cost, which is payable prior to advertising.

VicSmart applications

If your application is assessed as a VicSmart application, it will not be advertised. Visit the Victorian Government's Planning website to find out more about the VicSmart process.


Why permit applications are advertised

Once all of the information relating to an application has been received, the Council Planner decides whether the application needs to be formally advertised. 

The Planner will look at things like:

  • the scale of development
  • the type of land use proposed
  • the sensitivity of surrounding land uses and the local context
  • hours of business operation and types of business activity (if applicable) 

Some planning permit applications are exempt from advertising - these are listed in the Nillumbik Planning Scheme.

Publicly advertising a planning application gives anyone who may be affected the opportunity to view it and raise any issues or concerns they may have (this is called making a submission to a planning application)


How permit applications are advertised

If it is identified that advertising is required, we will notify the applicant in writing.

We may advertise the application to the public in the following ways:

  • notification by mail to abutting owners or occupiers
  • a sign placed on on-site at the subject property
  • a copy of the advertising material will be available on Council's website
  • an advertisement in the classifieds section of the local newspaper

Who is responsible?

In order to reduce delays, Council undertakes advertising on the applicant's behalf. Council will advise the applicant of the cost, which is payable prior to advertising.

Council will engage a contractor who will erect the on-site notice or sign. The applicant must leave the sign erected for the duration of the advertising period (a minimum of 14 days). Once this period expires, the contractor will collect the sign and return it to Council.


Viewing advertised planning applications

All of the application details (including plans, submissions in support of the proposal and any other relevant information that is lodged by the applicant) are made available to interested parties at our Civic Drive offices as well as online. 

View advertised planning permit applications


What happens next?

After the advertising period for your application has come to an end, Council will undertake a final assessment and make a decision on the application. Please note that submissions can be received at any time until the date Council makes their decision.

Find out more about the outcomes of a planning permit application.