Outcomes of a planning permit application

When your application has been assessed and our decision made, you can expect one of three outcomes.

1. Issue a planning permit

Your planning permit application is successful, you will be issued with a planning permit.

If your permit is granted with conditions, you must meet them all. Sometimes you will need to change the plans before we will endorse the plans as part of the permit. 

Once all conditions are met and you have obtained all required approvals (eg building permit, consent to work in the road reserve etc) you can start your development or new use.

2. Grant a planning permit - Notice of Decision

If we have decided to approve your application and there are objections to it, then we must issue a Notice of Decision. It is not a planning permit. It is a legal notice that states we will grant a permit and includes conditions.

The applicant and any objectors will receive a copy of the notice. Objectors have 28 days to apply to VCAT for a review of Council’s decision. If they do appeal, VCAT will decide if a permit is issued. If no one appeals, we will then issue the permit after the 28 days has passed.

Find out more about applying to appeal a planning decision.

3. Permit refused - Notice of Refusal

If we consider that the land development or use proposed in the application is not acceptable, we will issue a refusal. We list the reasons in the Notice of Refusal.

The applicant and any objectors will receive a copy of the notice.

If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can apply to appeal a planning decision.

Permit conditions and dates

All planning permits are issued with conditions. 

You can’t act on the permit until you meet the specific conditions and the plans have been endorsed by us. Check the conditions carefully. If you need help to understand the conditions talk to the planner who assessed your application.  

You must submit amended plans to satisfy permit conditions using our online portal.

Check your permit expiry date

Most permits expire two years from the date of issue. Some list other times as a condition of the permit.

Decision-makers - who are they

A planning application is usually determined by our planners. Occasionally an application will be decided at a formal Council meeting. If an appeal is lodged, VCAT will make the decision.

Next steps

Changing your permit

If your permit has been approved but you need to make changes, you may be able to request an amendment to an approved planning permit.

More information

Read the Department of Transport and Planning assessment and decision process.