Amend a current planning application

After a planning application has been submitted to us for assessment, you may find that changes are required. Council may request changes or you may request a change if you believe the proposal needs to be altered.

Use this form if you would like to request changes to a permit application that has not yet been approved.

This is referred to as a 'Section 50' or 'Section 57A' amendment. The type and fee status will depend on whether or not the permit application has already been advertised.

  • A Section 50 amendment is applied if the application has not been advertised. No fees apply to these applications.
  • A Section 57A amendment is applied if the application has already been advertised. Fees apply to these applications.

Both Section 50 and Section 57A amendments can be applied for using the process outlined below.

If you need to make changes to an approved permit, please see Amend an approved planning permit.

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Talk to Council first

Before submitting your application, discuss your proposed changes with the Planner who is assessing your application.

Step 2.Prepare your documentation

You will need to include with your application:

  • The permit application number 
  • A detailed description of the changes and why you are requesting them
  • Revised plans of the same scale and type as those originally submitted, with changes clearly highlighted

Step 3.Submit the online form

If you are ready to submit your planning permit application amendment, submit your request using our online portal. 

Amend a planning permit application >


Fees may apply

If your application has already been advertised as part of the planning process, a fee will apply. The application may also need to be re-advertised. 

If your application has not already been advertised, you do not need to pay any fees.

Download Council’s schedule of statutory planning fees  

What happens next?

After your request to amend your application has been submitted and the fee paid (if applicable), a member of the Planning Services team will assess the request and provide a written response. The application will then proceed through the normal assessment process.

If your application had already been advertised, we may need to advertise it again. Additional fees for advertising will apply.