Amend or extend an approved planning permit

After your planning permit is approved, you can apply to make changes to: 

  • the endorsed plans
  • the conditions on the planning permit
  • the planning permit pre-amble (the description of what the permit allows)

Planning permits are issued to a specific address, so even if you didn’t own the property when the planning permit was issued, you will still need to apply to Council if you want to make changes.

The type of amendment you need to apply for depends on the changes you want to make.

Requesting major changes - Section 72

If the requested changes are major, you will need to apply for a Section 72 amendment.

This includes:

  • changes to the permit preamble (the description of what the permit allows)
  • changes to the conditions of the permit
  • major changes to the endorsed plans
  • any changes - even minor ones - that may affect your neighbours

Requesting minor changes - Secondary Consent

Other more minor changes can be requested by applying for a Secondary Consent amendment.

This includes changes like:

  • minor changes to approved decks, verandahs or pergolas
  • relocating doors and windows
  • modifying the internal layout of an approved floorplan

You can also make changes to the commencement or completion date of the permit by requesting an extension of time.

Talk to Council first

If you are unsure which type of amendment you need to apply for, speak to a member of the Planning Services team first.