Request a Secondary Consent amendment

If you want to make minor changes to plans that were approved as part of your planning permit application, you can apply under Secondary Consent.

When you can use Secondary Consent

Minor changes are defined as changes to endorsed plans that do not fundamentally change or transform what has previously been approved. This may include:

  • relocating walls or windows
  • slight changes to building footprints
  • changes to materials

Secondary Consent amendments do not result in the need to re-advertise the planning permit application.

When you can not use Secondary Consent

Under Secondary Consent, you can not:

  • change what the permit allows
  • change the permit conditions
  • propose changes that cause material detriment to adjoining or nearby properties
  • transform the proposal

These requests will need to be submitted as a Section 72 amendment.

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Talk to Council first

Before submitting your application for an amendment, discuss your request with a member of the Planning Services team.

If your planning permit was determined at VCAT, you must contact us first.

Step 2.Prepare your documentation

You will need to include with your request:

  • the planning permit number 
  • a current copy of the Certificate of Title (not more than three months old)
  • a detailed description of the changes and the reason you are requesting them
  • estimated cost of the building and works being proposed (if applicable)
  • a full set of the revised plans or endorsed documents - this includes tree management plans, or landscape plans
    • plans must show all proposed changes clearly marked
    • plans must show all parts of the approved design that haven't changed
  •  any supporting material that may help us assess your application - eg photos, site or house plans

Step 3.Submit your application

If you are ready to submit your Secondary Consent amendment, submit your request using our online portal. 

Request a Secondary Consent amendment


The fees associated with your application will depend on the number of itemised changes being requested.

View Council’s schedule of statutory planning fees.

What happens next?

After your request for a Secondary Consent amendment has been submitted and the fee paid, a member of the Planning Services team will assess the request.

We may contact you if there is information missing from your application.

After our assessment, we will provide a written response explaining the outcome of your application. If your application is approved, we will also send you the endorsed plans.

We may ask you to apply for a Section 72 amendment if we find that your proposed changes may impact amenities or cause material detriment.

You can only proceed with your proposed changes once we have assessed and approved your application.