Request miscellaneous consent or respond to a satisfaction matter

If your property has a Section 173 Agreement, or you need our consent in relation to a Planning Scheme requirement, such as providing car parking to the satisfaction of Council, you'll need to complete an application for miscellaneous consent or satisfaction matters.

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Talk to Council first

Before completing your application, discuss your submission with a member of the Planning Services team.

Step 2.Prepare your documentation

You will need to include with your request:

  • the clause number(s) of the Section 173 Agreement you are seeking to vary (if applicable)
  • a current copy of the Certificate of Title (not more than three months old) - available from Landata
  • a detailed description of the changes and the reason you are requesting them, or, a description of the satisfaction matter
  • a full set of proposed plans 
  •  any supporting material that may help us assess your application - eg consultant reports, photos, site or house plans

Step 3.Register for online services

Before you lodge a planning permit application, you will need to register for access to Council's online portal.

Please note:

  • Most registrations are approved within one business day.
  • You will only need to register once - you will then have access to lodge future applications and other requests online.

Register for Council's online services

Step 4.Have your credit card ready

Please note we are unable to accept Diners Club, American Express or Westpac Corporate cards.

Step 6.What happens next?

After your request/response has been submitted and the fee paid, a member of the Planning Services team will assess the submission.

We may contact you if there is information missing from your application.

After our assessment, we will provide a written response explaining the outcome of your application. If your application is approved, we will also send you the endorsed plans.

You can only proceed with your proposed changes once we have assessed and approved your application. 


The fees associated with your application will depend on the nature of the application you are submitting.

Download Council’s schedule of statutory planning fees(PDF, 490KB).