Planning application checklist - Application Type 18P

Home based business


Before lodging your planning application

Clause 52.11 of the Nillumbik Planning Scheme outlines the operation requirements for a Home Based Business without needing an additional planning permit. All requirements must be met to ensure compliance.

However you will need to apply for a planning permit for a home based business to vary the following:

  • A home based business which allows no more than three people who do not live in the dwelling to work in the business at any one time; or
  • A home based business which has a floor area not exceeding 200 square metres or one-third of the net floor area of the dwelling, whichever is the lesser
  • A home based business which requires no more than one additional commercial vehicle (a commercial goods vehicle, commercial passenger vehicle or tow truck within the meaning of the Transport Act 1983), not exceeding two tonnes capacity and with or without a trailer registered to a resident of the dwelling, to be present at any time

What to attach to your application

1. Certificate of title

A full copy of the Certificate of Title dated no more than six months before the application date for the land, including a copy of all title plans, covenants and/or agreements registered on Title.

Help obtaining this information can be found by watching this short video.

2. Written submission/report

A written submission/report detailing:

  • The current land use and proposed land use including details of any proposed new buildings/works
  • Site plan including buildings, structures and car spaces allocated to the proposed use
  • Floor plan showing the area of the existing dwelling and the area(s) to be used to operate the home business. This must include a table showing total floor area designated for the proposed home based business and the total floor area designated for the dwelling
  • Whether there is a need for additional parking or loading facilities
  • What will be the effect of any vehicle parking, storage or washing facilities on the amenity and character or the street?
  • How the site is suitable for the particular home based business and is compatible with other surrounding uses and developments
  • Any proposed landscaping to screen outbuildings or car parking or loading areas or any other areas relating to the home based business
  • Proposed hours of operation
  • Maximum number of staff/employees
  • Proposed number of patrons on the site as well as indication of seats provided in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Details of whether a licence for the proposed use is required under the Dangerous Good Act 1985
  • Details of any liquor licence being sought for the proposed use
  • Details on the transport of materials or good to and from the site
  • Type of goods to be stored, processed or produced on the site
  • Details of any emissions (e.g. smoke, noise, smells) from the land generated as a result of the proposed use
  • Detailed photographs of the subject site and surrounding properties


Download a printable PDF version of this checklist(PDF, 574KB)