Planning application checklist - Application Type 19P

Amend or end a Section 173 Agreement


What to attach to your application

1. Certificate of title

A full copy of the Certificate of Title dated no more than six months before the application date for the land, including a copy of all title plans, covenants and/or agreements registered on Title.

Help obtaining this information can be found by watching this short video.

2. Copy of the agreement

A copy of the Section 173 Agreement that you are applying to amend/end.

3. Covering letter/report

A covering letter/report detailing all of the elements of your proposal. This should include:

  • What is being applied for – amending or ending?
  • Why is the amendment or ending required?
  • Written evidence demonstrating all other properties which are subject to the same Section 173 Agreement. This must include a recent copy of all land titles and any registered S173 agreements and/or covenants.
  • Are there any changes to circumstances that necessitate the proposed amendment?
  • Clearly describe the parts of the agreement proposed to be amended.
  • Why is the agreement no longer required? 

4. Additional documents

Any additional plans or reports that are relevant and provide justification for your application.


Download a printable PDF version of this checklist(PDF, 565KB)