Advertising applications for a planning permit

An application for a planning permit may be advertised if we think what is proposed may affect surrounding properties or the wider community.

Advertising a planning permit application (or ‘giving notice’) gives anyone who may be affected an opportunity to view the proposal and submit an objection or comments.

Applicants pay a fee for advertising. VicSmart applications are not advertised. We are required to do this by the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

How permit applications are advertised

We write to the applicant if advertising is required.

We may advertise by:

  • sending a letter to adjoining owners and/or occupiers
  • putting up a sign/s at the property
  • placing an ad in a newspaper.

We manage the advertising process and advise the applicant of the cost. The fee must be paid before advertising starts. 

If an on-site sign/s is required, our contractor puts it up and takes it down. It must be on-site for the entire 14 days. You must not remove the sign (even after the advertising period is over).

Viewing advertised planning applications

Application details (including plans, submissions in support of the proposal etc) are available to view at our Civic Drive office and you can view advertised applications currently online.

After the advertising period

At the end of the advertising period the assessment process continues. Submissions can be received up until the date we make our decision.

Find out more about the outcomes of a planning permit application.