Appeal a planning decision or process

Applicants or objectors who disagree with a planning permit decision can apply to VCAT (the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) to review it.

As the permit applicant you can apply to review the:

  • decision to refuse your permit application  
  • conditions of your permit.

You can also appeal if a decision hasn’t been made on your application within the set time.

If you objected to an application you can appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision or proposed permit conditions.

Apply for a VCAT appeal – how to

Information on how to apply for a review is supplied with the:

  • planning permit
  • notice of decision to grant a planning permit
  • notice of refusal to grant a planning permit.

To lodge an appeal go to VCAT planning disputes.

Timeframes for lodging an appeal

After Council gives notice of our decision, you can apply for an appeal within:

  • 60 days - if you are the applicant
  • 28 days - if you are an objector.

Look up a current or recent VCAT planning appeal.

To look up an appeal, use our current VCAT appeals register.

Find out more about VCAT

VCAT is a Victorian Government tribunal that deals with different types of disputes, including planning disputes.

To find out more go to VCAT, call 1300 018 228 or email

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