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Apiary code of practice(PDF, 2MB)


Beat the summer heat(PDF, 211KB)

Beat the summer heat (accessible)(DOCX, 24KB)

Biodiversity Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Biodiversity Strategy (accessible)(DOCX, 330KB)


Christmas Hills Community Environment Recovery Action Plan (CERAP)(PDF, 4MB)

Christmas Hills Community Environment Recovery Action Plan (CERAP) (accessible)(DOCX, 3MB)

Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020(PDF, 7MB)

Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020 (accessible)(DOCX, 7MB)

Common Dunnart Guide(PDF, 2MB)

Common Dunnart Guide (accessible)(DOCX, 2MB)

Common Weeds of Nillumbik Booklet(PDF, 3MB)

Common Weeds of Nillumbik Booklet (accessible)(DOCX, 9MB)

Community Gardens Guidelines(DOCX, 2MB)

Community Gardens Guidelines (accessible)(DOCX, 65KB)

Community Gardens Policy(DOCX, 2MB)

Community Gardens Policy (accessible)(DOCX, 53KB)

Conservation Corridors Flyer(PDF, 623KB)

Conservation Corridors Flyer (accessible)(DOCX, 4MB)

Controlling pest animals - fact sheet(PDF, 334KB)

Controlling pest animals - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 24KB)


Dams and Waterways - fact sheet(PDF, 610KB)

Dams and Waterways - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 2MB)

Deer Control on Private Property(PDF, 206KB)


Environmental Charter(PDF, 228KB)

Environmental Charter  (accessible)(DOCX, 40KB)

Environmental Education Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Environmental Education Strategy (accessible)(DOCX, 83KB)

Environmental Weeds list(PDF, 81KB)

Environmental Weeds list (accessible)(DOCX, 24KB)

Erosion - fact sheet(PDF, 798KB)

Erosion - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 26KB)


Fauna in Nillumbik - fact sheet(PDF, 370KB)

Fauna in Nillumbik - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 25KB)

Fauna Monitoring Guide (remote sensing camera)(PDF, 2MB)

Fauna Monitoring Guide (remote sensing camera) (accessible)(DOCX, 26KB)

Flora and Fauna in Nillumbik - fact sheet(PDF, 693KB)

Flora and Fauna in Nillumbik - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 3MB)

Fox control(DOCX, 16KB)

Friends Group volunteer handbook(PDF, 888KB)

Friends Group volunteer handbook (accessible)(DOCX, 128KB)

Friends Group brochure(DOCX, 88KB)


Green Renters Guide(PDF, 1MB)

Green Wedge Management Plan Volume 1(PDF, 1MB)

Green Wedge Management Plan Volume 1 (accessible)(DOCX, 1MB)

Green Wedge Management Plan Volume 2(PDF, 2MB) 

Green Wedge Management Plan Volume 2 (accessible)(DOCX, 349KB)


Home Harvest Booklet(PDF, 4MB)

Home Harvest Booklet (accessible)(DOCX, 123KB)


Integrated Water Management Strategy(PDF, 6MB)

Integrated Water Management Strategy (accessible)(DOCX, 8MB)

Invasive Species Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Invasive Species Action Plan (accessible)(DOCX, 308KB)


Land Management Incentive Program - Expression of Interest(PDF, 369KB)

Land Management Incentive Program Guidelines(PDF, 538KB)

Land Management Incentive Program Guidelines (accessible)(DOCX, 39KB)

Landcare - fact sheet(PDF, 371KB)

Landcare - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 24KB)

Legal Responsibilities - fact sheet(PDF, 395KB)

Legal Responsibilities - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 26KB)

Live Local Plant Local(PDF, 5MB)

Live Local Plant Local (accessible)(DOCX, 124KB)


Managing Bush Blocks - fact sheet(PDF, 659KB)

Managing Bush Blocks - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 532KB)


Native Fauna Booklet(PDF, 3MB)

Native Fauna Booklet (accessible)(DOCX, 6MB)

Nillumbik Environment Charter(PDF, 228KB)

Nillumbik Environment Charter (accessible)(DOCX, 40KB)


Phascogale Guide(PDF, 957KB)

Phascogale Guide (accessible)(DOCX, 210KB)

Planter Box Guidelines(DOCX, 1MB)

Planter Box Guidelines (accessible)(DOCX, 46KB)

Practically Green at Home Guide(PDF, 6MB)

Practically Green at Home Guide (accessible)(DOCX, 686KB)

Property Management Planning - fact sheet(PDF, 452KB)

Property Management Planning - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 22KB)


Rabbit Control Brochure(PDF, 3MB)

Rabbit Control Brochure (accessible)(DOCX, 960KB)

Reserves Priorities and Planning Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)

Reserves Priorities and Planning Guidelines (accessible)(DOCX, 119KB)

Revegetation - fact sheet(PDF, 984KB)

Revegetation - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 23KB)


Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) Explained(PDF, 689KB)

Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) Explained (accessible)(DOCX, 31KB)

St Andrews Community Environment Recovery Action Plan (CERAP)(PDF, 4MB)

St Andrews Community Environment Recovery Action Plan (CERAP) (accessible)(DOCX, 1MB)

State of the Environment Report 2014 (accessible)(DOCX, 5MB)

Strathewen Community Environment Recovery Action Plan (CERAP)(PDF, 4MB)

Strathewen Community Environment Recovery Action Plan (CERAP) (accessible)(DOCX, 5MB)


Threatened Species Information(PDF, 1MB)

Threatened Species Information (accessible)(DOCX, 8MB)


Weed Control - fact sheet(PDF, 343KB)

Weed Control - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 51KB)

Weed Mapping and Monitoring - fact sheet(PDF, 953KB)

Weed Mapping and Monitoring - fact sheet (accessible)(DOCX, 836KB)

Weed Illustrations by Pat Reynolds(PDF, 7MB)