Caring for land - for rural and urban residents

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Congratulations on your move to Nillumbik, we hope you have many years of enjoyment at your new property. Council’s environment team is here to help you.  We can provide advice and support, and in some instances may be able to offer grants or rate rebates to assist you in managing the natural environment on your property.

Caring for rural land

Property management can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for new rural landholders.  We can provide you with land management advice over the phone, by email or we can visit your property (for free!). We are always happy to help.

These are some of the topics we regularly assist landholders with:

  • Pest animals and weeds
  • Pasture management for horses and other livestock
  • Property layout and planning
  • Revegetation and supplementary planting
  • Erosion issues

Contact us at via email at or phone 9433 3141.

Another organisation that can assist you with land management support is Landcare.

You might like to consider joining one of the 11 Landcare groups operating in Nillumbik.

In addition, Council periodically hosts events and workshops related to sustainable land management. Find out what’s coming up here and sign up to receive our regular environment and sustainability e-newsletter.

Land Management Grants

Nillumbik Land Management Incentive Program (LMIP)

As well as receiving advice, you may also be eligible to receive a land management grant from Council to help with the costs involved in improving your property, addressing land degradation, and/or protecting and enhancing biodiversity. Click here or contact us to find out more. 


Liveable Communities, Liveable Waterways Program

If you own land that fronts onto a river or creek, you may be eligible for Melbourne Water funding to help you manage and maintain your waterway. This includes weed control, revegetation, stock exclusion fencing and off-waterway stock watering infrastructure. Click here to find out more.


Rate rebates

You may qualify for one or more of the following rebates, which will reduce your annual Council rates bill. 

Farm Rate:

The Farm Rate is aimed at helping to support farmers in the Shire, particularly in recognition of drought impacts and climate change.

Sustainable Agricultural Rebate:

The Sustainable agriculture rebate (SAR) rewards and supports sustainable agricultural land management practices.

Trust for Nature Conservation Rebate

The Trust for Nature rebate rewards and supports landowners who have a Trust for Nature Conservation Covenant on their property.

Click here or contact us to find out more.


Caring for urban land

Nillumbik’s urban areas are home to many indigenous and native plants and animals.  The Nillumbik’s Native Animals(PDF, 1MB) booklet provides a great pocket guide to local wildlife.

Many of these species are in our urban bushland reserves - which are generally surrounded by residential properties.  If you are able to provide conditions and habitat in your home garden that are welcoming to native plants and animals, you will be helping to create larger areas of habitat and to create stepping stones and habitat corridors between them.

How you can help:

Plant indigenous plants in the garden

Many of Nillumbik’s local indigenous plant species make ideal garden plants as they are adapted to thrive under local conditions, they fit beautifully within the Nillumbik landscape, and they look great in any garden, providing spectacular displays of colour and texture throughout the seasons. 

Live local Plant local is a useful guide to planting in Nillumbik.


Say no to environmental weeds

Understanding and avoiding garden plants that become weeds which invade our bushland helps to protect our reserves, and improves your own property.  


Common Weeds of Nillumbik is a useful guide to identify weeds in Nillumbik.


Keep your cat at home

You may like to join the wonderful community of cat owners dedicated to providing a cat with a happy home whilst protecting wildlife - SafeCat.


Control pest animals such as rabbits

Contact Council for advice via email at or phone 9433 3141.  

Find out about the pest animals in Nillumbik

Learn how to garden for wildlife

Your garden is a wonderful place to create a special home or stepping stone for native birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. By participating in the Nillumbik Gardens for Wildlife program you will recieve free advice on how to create habitat elements within your garden, will join a network of like-minded people sharing stories and ideas on caring for nature, and will reap the joys of having wildlife visit or live in your area.


Join your local Friends Group

You may like to join a local Friends group and volunteer on a regular basis in a bushland reserve near you, helping to enhance the natural values.

Most groups meet once a month and are a wonderful way to connect with nature, Council’s bushland crew (our Enviroworks team), your neighbours and local wildlife.

Find your local group


Contact us at via email at or phone 9433 3141.