Apply to hold an event on Council land

If you are planning a public event on Council land (such as a park, reserve or oval), you will need to apply for approval from Council.

Please contact our Events team first to discuss your event and what is required. 

How to apply

Step 1.Prepare your event details

When notifying Council about your event, you will need to provide:

  • Applicant details including your experience in organising events. 
  • Event details including the date, time, location, type of event, expected attendance and activities.
  • Any requests for preparing the site. 

If you need help, email or call 03 9433 3276. For more information about events and permit requirements, read Council’s Event Policy(PDF, 603KB).

Step 2.Submit the online form

Once you have prepared your event information, it's time to submit an Event on Council Land notification. This information helps Council to determine whether you need any permits or permissions.

Apply to hold an event on Council land

Step 3.Notification assessed

A Council officer will assess your event information and determine whether an event permit is required.  

If an event permit is required, the Council officer may ask for additional plans, documents or evidence before granting permission. If you don't need an event permit, Council will advise whether you need other permits or permissions. 

If an Event Permit is required, approvals can take from six weeks to three months depending on the complexity of your event. Most events receive permits within six weeks.

Step 4.Hold your event

If you do not require any additional permits or permissions, you are ready to go ahead with your event. 

If Council has requested any extra plans, documents or evidence, you will need to supply these to Council before your event.  

Once received, Council officers will assess and either request amendments or approve your event. 

Once approval has been granted, you may proceed with holding your event on Council land.