Buttermans Track Wines

A winery with grape vines on the side of a hill

Buttermans Track wines are produced by the Trist family from their own estate-grown Vineyard and gravity flow Winery in St Andrews in the Yarra Valley.

The vineyard was established in 1991 and has been producing premium quality wines with minimal intervention and organic viticulture

Gary and Louise Trist starting planting Pinot Noir and Shiraz vines on their property in St Andrews in 1991 and called their vineyard Queenstown Vineyards.

Over time they planted more Shiraz and then Sangiovese vines until it grew to the size it is today.

For a number of years they sold their fruit to selected premium wine producers in the Yarra Valley but in 2008 they kept a small select parcel of Sangiovese grapes to make their own wine. The Buttermans Track label was born and since has grown to become a recognised label of premium wines

All our wines are made with minimal chemical intervention in both the growing of the grapes and winemaking in our gravity flow winery. This means that our grapes are organically grown. Our vineyard is low yielding, the vines are cane pruned to ensure optimum vine balance and the fruit is hand picked.

During winemaking there are no foreign yeast, no foreign malolactic bacteria, no fining or filtration and minimal added sulphites. By having a gravity flow winery we can eliminate pumping. We believe that by adopting these principles and techniques we can produce a unique range of wines that truly reflect the distinctive character and location of our vineyard.


75 Yow Yow Creek Road,  St Andrews 3761  View map

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