Easthill Estate


Wine brings people together. And it was over a fine glass of locally grown wine on a 'first-date' in the nearby Yarra Valley that brought Harry and Sarah's love story together. They toasted their champagne flutes, agreeing, "The best wines are the ones we drink together".

That evening of 'wine' created a dream that saw Harry and Sarah sell their local properties and buy Easthill Estate, Kangaroo Ground.

Sarah, who sashayed through a career in the fast-paced fashion industry and Harry, who has an expansive footprint within the financial sector, have married their business acumen and individual skill sets superbly.

Together, Sarah and Harry are committed to making wines that enrich life and express their estate's individuality. This privately owned vineyard runs on love, laughter, and wine. Their wine is made to be shared. Shared in good times and bad, shared with smiles, laughs and sometimes tears.

With each glass, they hope you too share in their passion.


Easthill Estate,  100 Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews,  Kangaroo Ground 3097  View map

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