Hildebrand Grove

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Hildebrand Grove is a local, family-run olive grove in picturesque Cottles Bridge which has been quietly producing award-winning olive oil for ten years.

Ann and David Strutt are in there at every stage of the process: tending the olive trees, harvesting and pressing the olives.

The oil is produced from a blend of Corregiola and Frantoio olives and the end result – a flavoursome and award-winning extra virgin olive oil – has become a beloved staple in many local households.

In addition to selling the plain extra virgin olive oil, Hildebrand Grove also produces a great range of infused oils.

With a variety of tasty flavours, these are a sophisticated addition to any pantry and can be used in cooked dishes or to dress salads.


65 Hildebrand Road,  Cottles Bridge 3099  View map

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