Panton Hill Estate Olives

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Located on the western slopes of the Yarra Valley, only 45 mins from the CBD, Panton Hill Estate is surrounded by the natural beauty of this region.

Nearby are several small olive groves, many boutique wineries, restaurants, nature reserves, and the famous St Andrews Community (Saturday) Market.

All this and more, makes the Valley a favourite and accessible destination for Melbournians and tourists alike.

The primary objective is to produce the finest extra virgin olive oil, every year. The olives are carefully selected by hand and are processed just hours after picking. There are three varieties or trees for oil production - Frantoio, Correggiola (which are Tuscan in origin) and the small Greek variety, Koroneiki.

The latter produces a distinct oil, ideal for blending. As Panton Hill Estate's primary objective is to bring out the fresh, herbaceous early harvest flavours, they usually pick the fruit between late May and mid June. This results in outstanding extra virgin olive oil.

In 2007, Panton Hill Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil received a Silver Medal in the Australian Golden Olive Oil Awards. This oil is ideal for salads, pasta, or enjoying with some crusty bread.


445 Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road,  Panton Hill 3759  View map

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