Watson's Creek Wines

Watson’s Creek Wines is a family-based boutique vineyard, established by Sandy and Tony Cahir.

Before commencing operations, Tony completed studies in viticulture and winemaking. Sandy’s parents, Betty and Robin Wickham, first planted vines on their property in the early 1970s, replacing the apple orchard that was burnt out in the 1962 fires.

Betty and Robin were among the first to grow vines in Kangaroo Ground, since early in the twentieth century, when vineyards gradually disappeared from the area. Robin’s initial experiments with wine convinced the family that excellent wine grapes could be produced.

Each year they produce their flagship cabernet sauvignon. Depending on weather conditions, yields and grape characteristics, they also produce a Bordeaux style wine of cabernet sauvignon blended with malbec, merlot and cabernet rranc. In some years, they produce a straight malbec or merlot and a rosé.

The wines, in limited supply, are available at selected restaurants, through mail order and cellar door sales by appointment. Watson’s Creek Wines will continue to produce high quality wines, reflecting the terroir of their vineyard and our individualistic approach to winemaking.

They will continue the tradition of excellence among boutique wineries in the region.


80 Kings Road,  Kangaroo Ground 3097  View map

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