Weeping Grevillea Nursery


The Weeping Grevillea Nursery specialises and produces grafted standard weeping grevilleas.

They refer to them as Weeping Grevilleas hence the nursery name. They also produce a huge range of regular grevilleas propagated by cuttings. They are a propagating nursery supplying nurseries and the public.

Weeping Grevilleas are beautiful, hardy plants that love the Australian summer and sun. They are perfect specimen plants for a small garden or a feature plant. Nectar feeding birds are attracted to the flowers. With a selection of Weeping Grevilleas there will be flowers all year round, and especially in spring and autumn. They are still quite rare.

Weeping Grevilleas are produced by grafting a variety of grevillea, usually a ground cover or prostrate shrub onto a Grevillea Robusta rootstock. The rootstock is a tough and hardy plant. Its roots are non invasive. The variety that is grafted then gives the Weeping Grevillea its features (flower type, colour and growing habit) and the features ot the plant are fully appreciated because of the elevated position on the rootstock.

Weeping Grevilleas are fine for a small garden because of their controlled size and habit. They flourish in a pot. They are a great feature plant in a large garden. They thrive in a wide range of conditions, are drought tolerant and frost hardy.




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