Recycling & Recovery Centre and Reuse Shop


290 Yan Yean Road, Plenty

Opening hours

The Recycling & Recovery Centre has reopened for normal business with normal opening hours.

  • Open Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday and Mondays, 8am-4pm.
  • Closed: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, public holidays and during extreme weather including catastrophic fire danger rating days and during high wind.
  • On days of extreme weather, contact Council's Customer Service team on 9433 3111 to confirm the Centre is open.
  • The Reuse Shop has reopened and operates Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, 9am-3.30pm.

Items accepted free of charge

  • Batteries - household, car and mobile phone
  • Cardboard - loads limited to a car boot size (no waxed cardboard)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Clothing in good condition
  • E-waste (any item with a plug, cord or battery) e.g. computers, appliances, tools, electronic toys, phones
  • Household recycling that can fit in a kerbside recycling bin e.g. hard plastics, paper, glass bottles/jars, cans, steel pots and pans and plastic toys. Items that are too large for a kerbside recycling bin cannot be accepted  
  • Light globes/bulbs and fluoro tubes
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Motor oil and containers - maximum 20 litres per drop off
  • Scrap metal e.g. bike, stove, microwave, washing machine, dryer, metal poles, roofing. Note: charges apply for fridges, freezers and air conditioners for the de-gassing process
  • Televisions
  • Dishwashers
  • X-rays and photo negatives

Please sort free of charge items and different types of waste in your load – it helps with a quick drop off and can save you money.

Accepted at a charge

Individual items

  • Fridge, freezer, air conditioner $43
  • Mattress - king/queen/double $46
  • Mattress - single/baby $33
  • Car tyre $18
  • Car tyre with rim $21
  • 4WD tyre $22
  • 4WD tyre with rim $25
  • Motorbike tyre $15
  • Motorbike tyre with rim $15
  • Truck tyre $40
  • Truck tyre with rim $46
  • Tractor tyre $167

All prices include GST.


Examples of items accepted in loads (as per below 2020-2021 charges):

  • Garden materials / green waste (Nillumbik residents can also make use of their green waste vouchers
  • Broken furniture
  • Hard waste
  • Plaster
  • Polystyrene/foam/bean bag beans
  • Processed wood e.g. treated pine posts/sleepers, fence paling, untreated timber 
  • Other things that can't be recycled
Car boot $48 
Station wagon  $60 
Small van or ute  $73 
Medium van or ute $110
Large ute $116
Large van $134
6 x 4 trailer $99
6 x 4 trailer high sided / heaped  $136 
7 x 5 trailer  $114 
7 x 5 trailer high sided / heaped $134 
8 x 6 tandem trailer $136     
8 x 6 tandem trailer high sided / heaped $147

 Prices correct from 1 July 2020. All prices include GST.

Not accepted

  • Asbestos 
  • Bricks
  • Building/renovation rubble
  • Cement 
  • Chemicals 
  • Commercial quantities / truck loads
  • Concrete
  • Coolant
  • Dirt
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fuels
  • Gas bottles 
  • Household garbage 
  • Liquid waste
  • Paint
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Tiles

Visit other disposal options to find out where you can take things we don't accept.

Reuse Shop at the Recycling and Recovery Centre

The Reuse Shop has reopened.

Opening hours: 9am-3.30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and public holidays

Where possible, items unable to be recycled and in good condition are donated to the shop rather than sending them to landfill. Stocking a wide range of affordable second-hand goods, we encourage residents to visit the shop run by the friendly Green Wedge Christian Community, and support waste minimisation through re-use.